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Stay fit and healthy: JCWC16 starts in 4 days

Christmas is now over and we are short before Joomla! Cycling World Challenge 2016 starts. If you put on a fey holiday pounds, here is your chance to fight immediately back!

As you have heard, we changed based on many team members requests the start and end dates of our annual cycling challenge. Starting on 1 January 2016, we are now active 365 days a year.

Get in shape
Track name
GF 12
2 years ago
Raised Money
1.01 €
101.04 km
22.89 km/h

Replaced early in the morning my Zazen meditation with a about 2 hours long *maintaining the power unit* session and decided after the work was completed to go out cycling to get a bit in shape. The day was beautiful and sunny, ideal for a cycling tour. As (expectant) father I won't experience in 2016 to many days like this, so I decided to jump at the chance, ridden 100 kilometers and completed once again this year STRAVA's Gran Fondo challenge.

My prize was a magnificent sunset.

Join our challenge

If not already done, please join us and take part in our seasonal Endomondo cycling challenge to help fund scientific research. Do not wait to long and keep up from beginning with our peloton.

Have fun and keep pushing!